Charter Faculty Member Supports Retiree Scholarship

Virginia HintonKSU retiree Virginia Hinton has recently committed to a planned gift to benefit the KSU Retiree Legacy Scholarship, established by members of the KSU Retiree Association. The scholarship offers financial support to students who are related to a retired member of faculty or staff.

Hinton is a charter faculty member, having begun her teaching career with the inception of Kennesaw Junior College after working as a reporter. Her focus as a professor was early American literature, but she taught a variety of literature, grammar, and language history classes at Kennesaw, as well as upper division courses when the college transitioned to a four-year institution.

“I knew the Kennesaw location was going to make it grow, but I had no idea it would grow to the size it is now,” Hinton said, recalling KSU's early days before the campus was complete. “[When I started], even the grass hadn’t all been put down.”

In the early days, Hinton also served as the college’s publicity writer, composing campus press releases until a full-time position was created for public relations. Although she retired in 1987, Hinton’s legacy of English studies has been passed on to her daughter, who now serves as head of the English department at a local high school in Milledgeville, where Hinton, now age 90, currently resides.

In addition to scholarship support, Hinton was the featured speaker at the retiree association’s Brunch on the Bricks last fall (pictured above) as part of Kennesaw State’s 50th anniversary celebration, where she shared her history throughout the development of KSU.

“Altogether,” she said of years at KSU, “it was a great experience.”