Tom Scott

Tom ScottTom Scott has been a part of Kennesaw State University’s history for 45 years, having served as the first faculty member to teach the Georgia history course. Early in his career, Scott initiated an oral history project to record and preserve the memories of people in KSU’s service area, and has also interviewed nearly all recipients of KSU’s annual Distinguished Teaching Award since 1982.

Scott’s passion for KSU over the decades has inspired his commitment to giving back: “I have been extremely lucky to spend a career at this great university,” he states, “and I want to give back in every way that I can. There are so many opportunities to give, whether it is to scholarship funds for deserving students, or to a host of centers, institutes, and academic programs that serve the needs of our local and global communities, or to our fabulous arts programs and museums, or to a vibrant athletic department that never forgets that student-athletes are students first.”

Scott recently completed a history of KSU, published by KSU Press, entitled Kennesaw State University: The First Fifty Years, 1963-2013.