Mary Lou Fish

Mary Lou FishFor Mary Lou Fish, twenty-one years of service to Kennesaw State established more than a career; it established a family tradition. With two granddaughters currently enrolled at the university, Fish has elected to give back as a retiree. In addition to regular financial contributions, Fish is a proud member of the KSU Retirees Association, which works to organize events and volunteer activities for retirees who wish to remain connected to Kennesaw State. The Association also established the Retiree Legacy Scholarship, and Fish’s granddaughter Sarah is one of four students to have received the award. Sarah, now a junior pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education, plans to stay connected to KSU after graduation, and feels it is very important for donors to contribute to the university during difficult economic times.

Fish’s younger granddaughter, Rebecca, is a freshman studying Computer Science and will be applying for the Retiree Legacy scholarship this year. For Rebecca, Kennesaw State was her first and only choice: “I honestly didn’t consider any other schools,” she claims.

“I am proud that my granddaughters are both students at KSU,” Fish states, “where they, too, will not only receive a good education, but also form lifelong memories and friendships.”