Marina Koether

Marina KoetherLooking back on her undergraduate studies, KSU chemistry professor Marina Koether recalls the lack of female students and faculty in the sciences. While she appreciates the unusually high number of women in this field at Kennesaw State, she states, “There will always be a need for more females in the sciences.”

Koether’s commitment to Kennesaw State includes monthly payroll giving as well as a bequest that will endow a scholarship for tomorrow’s female students pursuing environmental chemistry. Another portion of her bequest includes funding for a summer research project between a faculty member and an undergraduate student.

During her own education, Koether received a number of funding opportunities including a four-year entrance scholarship and several Dean’s Awards, and notes the impact this made on her education. In hopes that others will be inspired to give back, she invites graduates to recall the assistance they received during their education, and consider what a difference their gift could make for another student.