Traditions Initiatives

Traditions Checklist

Our KSU Traditions Checklist encourages giving back by getting out and getting involved around campus – whether that’s by volunteering, being spirited, or just networking with your peers and professors. There are currently 40 traditions you can participate in, ranging anywhere from joining a student organization or club to networking with alumni.  

Participation is easy, and the odds are that you’ve already completed many of them, so why not spread your love for KSU and help encourage others to do the same?  

You can find your own printable checklist here.


Anyone can participate, but SPC members will also get prizes for completing 15, 25, and 35 traditions. You can complete them in any order, and the prizes include a Traditions Keeper lapel pin, a gift card, and finally a Traditions Keeper medallion for you to wear at graduation!

Submission Process

The submission process is simple. Email us images of yourself completing the various traditions around campus at, we’ll review them and record your progress, you’ll get notified once we’ve confirmed them, and then if you’re a member you’ll also get rewarded for keeping the spirit alive on campus!

We understand that you can’t always get a photo of yourself doing each and every tradition, so if there’s something that you don’t have a picture of, just email us some other proof that you’ve completed it or email us a brief description of what it was. We’ll make sure not to make the process too difficult.