Give Back

Why Giving is Important

There are many reasons why giving back to Kennesaw State is important. We've included a few of those below.

It Adds Up

It may seem as if your own donation isn’t much, but when combined with donations from other students on campus, the impact is significant. In our first year alone, SPC helped raise $2,255 with donations from only 65 donors. Imagine what we could do if every student donated just $10 each!

Tuition Isn't Enough

Did you know that tuition doesn’t even cover 35% of your educational experience here at KSU? The remaining 65 percent of the cost to keep KSU running is funded by state financial support, campus sales, and the generosity of alumni, students, and campus partners. The SPC membership donation requirement helps ensure that all students can have a fantastic, memorable experience both now and in the future.

Show Your Appreciation

Giving is but a small way to show your gratitude to KSU. By providing a quality education, plenty of opportunities to meet new people and make permanent friendships, and introducing us all to multiple memorable experiences, KSU has changed each of our lives. Your donation acts as a “thank you” of sorts while also ensuring that future generations have access to the same opportunities that you have had, and better.

Leave Your Legacy

Regardless of where your donation goes, each and every amount gifted provides funding to campus organizations, departments, and other initiatives that only enhance the experiences students have. Your support leaves a lasting mark on KSU that allows the University to continue providing these opportunities and making the student experience that much better.