Important Documents

This page hosts many important or otherwise useful SPC documents, including its constitution and bylaws, meeting notes, and other files.  We are constantly updating these to provide as much clarity as information about SPC as possible, so please check back soon if a document you are looking for is not currently posted.

For each section, documents are ordered with the most recent fiscal year (FY - July through June) at the top, then sequentially by date.

Constitution & Bylaws

Information about SPC's governing structure, organization, and all other official guiding principles can be found within our Constitution.  This document is updated periodically, so take note of the listed revision date on the cover page.

Meeting Notes

Notes from previous meetings (General Body Meetings, Leadership Team Meetings, etc.) are listed below by fiscal year (July - June).  For recent meetings, agendas will be posted where available until notes are ready for posting and viewing.