Student Philanthropy Council


Kennesaw State University’s Student Philanthropy Council (SPC) seeks to raise funds to support the Kennesaw State community and its students. Each year, we choose a new program to highlight in our fundraising efforts. During our first year, we partnered with the CARE Center and were able to bring in over $2000 for the Center which provides clothing, food and other essentials to KSU’s homeless students! Last year, we raised funds for the Veterans Scholarship Fund, and this year we’ve decided to partner with the CARE Center again. We’re excited to help aid all initiatives around campus, and we hope you’ll join us in doing so!

Traditions Checklist

Our KSU Traditions Checklist encourages giving back by getting out and getting involved around campus – whether that’s by volunteering, being spirited, or just networking with your peers and professors. There are currently 40 traditions you can participate in, ranging anywhere from joining a student organization or club to networking with alumni.

Participation is easy, and the odds are that you’ve already completed many of them, so why not spread your love for KSU and help encourage others to do the same? You can find your own printable checklist here.

Become a Member – Give Now

Joining is easy! Simply donate to SPC’s targeted fund – the CARE Center – or any other entity on campus of your choosing. Once you’ve done so, you can either fill-out the Membership Form below, email us at to let us know you’ve donated, or simply wait and let us contact you. Once we’ve confirmed, you can immediately start participating in SPC events, activities, meetings, and more!

More information can be found by clicking “Get Involved” on the menu above.


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