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Membership Details

SPC has three levels of membership: Members-at-Large, Active Members, and Leadership Team Members. These statuses are based upon how much is donated per fiscal year, which resets at July of each year. Collectively, Members-at-Large and Active Members are sometimes referred to as General Members as well.

Members-at-Large include anyone who has donated any amount to any organization on campus without meeting the requirements to be an Active Member.

Active Members include those students who have donated a certain amount, based on their student standing:

  • 1st-Years / Freshmen: $5
  • 2nd-Years / Sophomores: $10
  • 3rd-Years / Juniors: $15
  • 4th-Years / Seniors & Higher: $20
  • Graduate-Level Students: $20

Leadership Team members will be selected from Active Members, and regardless of class standing will have donated at least $20 each year.

Finally, we are building a new membership database and would love for you to help us out! Please fill out the KSU SPC Membership Form.

How Can I Join?

Joining is easy! Simply donate to SPC’s targeted fund – the CARE Center – or any other entity on campus of your choosing! Once you’ve done so, you can either fillout the Membership Form, email us at to let us know you’ve donated, or simply wait and let us contact you. Once we’ve confirmed, you can immediately start participating in SPC events, activities, meetings, and more!

Donate Now


There are many benefits of being a member of SPC. All members will get access to our Monthly Newsletter, email listserv, an SPC membership t-shirt, invitations to most of our events and activities, Membership Appreciation Days, and more.

Active Members will also be eligible to receive prizes for participating in the Traditions Checklist program, be able to serve on committees, have access to more events, and be eligible to become part of our Leadership Team.

Additionally, all members who donate each year that they’re a student will receive honor cords to wear at their commencement ceremony! If you’ve missed a year, no worries – you can “buy back” missed years by making those donations before graduating.

Membership Database

Are you a current member or plan on being one? Then complete our membership form to become part of our membership database! This will help us better stay in touch with you, send you information about events and activities more relevant to you, and make sure we are getting all the information to you that you need.

It’s a short survey and should only take around 5 minutes to complete.